What’s it about?

Building slow.
Artful living.
Reverent irreverence.
Encouraging you to mess around and find out, make your art (especially if it doesn’t make you money!), love fiercely, prioritize your own peace…
And reminding you to slow down. Sip. Savor the precious, bizarre journey that is life on this remarkable planet.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things you’ll get to read about:
Self-exploration and -exaltation.
Art/ (writing + film + creating…)
Intentional Relating.
Body (relation to, personal health, embodiment, nourishment… not fitness/weight loss or any of that shtuff).
Funny things that made me smile that I’m hoping will make you smile too.
Inspiring things that I found uplifting that I hope will uplift you too.
Nerdy things that make me excited about being a creature on planet earth in this galaxy on this timeline.

Why subscribe?

There are so many things grabbing and snagging at our attention - to-do lists, apps on our phones, notifications, bills, responsibilities, things we meant to do but have forgotten... It seems like each day the world speeds up a little bit more.

But maybe you’re like me and there’s something inside you that has been asking for less.
Less noise. Less speed. Less hurry.

That’s what spurred this writing project.

To help myself and others find depth and slowness in a world that seems to be heading in the opposite direction.

Subscribe if you’re craving slower, weirder, earthier content in your life.
Subscribe if you would rather have less that means more.
Subscribe if you want to experience more texture, messiness, imperfection, and triumph in your small, daily moments.
Subscribe if you are hungry for more heart, more patience, and more curiosity… instead of less.
Subscribe if you are looking for more permission to make your art, be crazy, and break the rules (I will remind you over and over again why you can and must make what you make).

This, like everything I create, is an experiment.
I’m smiling just knowing that future-you and past-me both found our way here.

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It reminds me a little of letter writing. The old-fashioned kind. Where people read what you’ve written, and then respond with a thoughtful, genuine note back.

Kinda lovely, huh?

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